Thursday, 26 March 2009

My hospital stay and recovery

Hi everyone.
Thank you for stopping by my blog and sorry I've not been around. A few weeks ago I was lay in bed watching a bit of TV whilst my other half was watching a film downstairs. For no apparent reason the muscles in my chest went in to spasm...or so I thought at first. The pain just got worse and worse until I couldnt bear it any longer. I was crying as the pain hurt so bad that I couldnt breath without unbelieveable pain. My 12 yr old daughter came in the room and saw me crying and asked if I wanted her to fetch her dad I said no as he was watching his film...thankfully she ignored me and told him anyway...before I knew it I was in an ambulance with a canular in my arm..morphine and oxygen which I thought was a bit much for a pulled muscle lol. Tho it soon became apparent with the pain it was more than a pulled muscle...
I thought I was having a massive heart attack. At the hospital it was manic with Drs and nurses all around me and I must say for the first time I got scared. Then I was given clot busting drugs and told I had clots that had passed through my heart in to my left lung and for every clot that went through my heart it felt like another heart attack. I was admitted to a ward and then the pain got worse still so they were giving me morphine every hour and I was told I had more clots now in my right lung. I could bearly breath and only managed with lots of oxygen and even more morphine.
Almost 2 weeks later and feeling a bit better but still on a massive dose of Morphine I was allowed home. I am now off the Morphine but still undergoing treatment with blood thinners and I have to have bllod tests every couple of days whilst they try and find the right level of thinners I need. It should be a 6 mth course but they now say I have to stay on the thinners for life due to my lack of mobility but thats a small price to pay for my life.
I am now slowly building up my strength and today is the first day on the computer but I hope to be back to making a new kit and freebie very very soon.
May I also take this time to thank Paula from the bottom of my heart for all the support and phone calls so she could stay up to date and more than anything for continuing to run the store single handedly as well as looking after the designers and redesigning the store and zen cart. The success of the store has been solely because of you Paula and I really do appreciate everything you do and continue to do. We could have never had started this venture without you xxxx
Hugs to you all
Sam xxxx
Lastly can I please make it clear this is my blog NOT Mandy's and Mandy and I have parted company