Thursday, 6 November 2008

The Creativity Box

As most of you know I am no longer part of The Creativity Box as I was locked out my own store, forum, yahoo group etc but thats by the by. This post is to verify what I have and more importantly HAVE NOT DONE

Mandy text me and called me names I'd rather not repeat and said I have deleted the store. Firstly I had NO access to the store in any way shape or form so was NOT in any position to do anything to the store. After several txts between mandy and I and Mandy speaking to the host company she has now appologised as I had NOT done anything to the store it is a SERVER issue. So I would be greatful if I am not accusing of ANYTHING unless you have the FULL facts and EVIDENCE of what it is I am supposed to have done.

This situation is one that I would rather leave behind as a part of my past. I have NOT and would NOT be as childish as to do something to another store (plus I was in no admin position to be able to do anything to any where as that was all changed whilst i was in bed with a migraine) I am in the processes of setting up a new store so I have just picked up and moved on (Not that that was MY choice) It has cost me a further $166 (£109) to set up another store . So I am happy my name has been cleared.

I hope you will all stop by when we open as from my point of view it will be business as usual. I wish Mandy and her shop all the very best and as far as I am concerned that is the end of the matter.

Thanks for reading and understanding

Sam aka Passions Designz


Sam said...

As posted by mandy in my chat box

mandy: What happened to the shop was nothing to do with sam, i spoke to the host and they said it was the server, so lets leave it be now, cause i am still friends with sam thanks mandy x

DivaDesignz said...

I also wish you all the best sam and if you need any help please ask me hun and i am glad we got that cleared up x