Saturday, 8 November 2008

Where do I go from here

I have never been a defeatist so I am coming back fighting. We are in the process of setting up a brand new store.
Thanks to the unbelievable talent of a 15 yr old lad called Nick we are in the processes of setting up the stores pages etc assisted by Paula and myself. Although the name is similar (The Creativity Shack) thats the only thing in common. The rules of the store for designers are very different from most. At the moment the store is far from ready but we have a store blog and forum (you are more than welcome to join the forum now) now set up.
We are hoping to get the store up and running within the next week or so. We have to work around Nick and him attending school so he can only work when he gets home. I cannot express enough our gratitude to Nick and all the time and effort he is putting in to get the store up and running.
We already have a list of fantstic designers that have already accepted our offer to join the store but you will have to wait to find out who they are hehehe and we are in the process of trying to build up a CT team as well. We are always on the look out for new designers and CT members and we are in need of a CT manager.
So the offer to designers
We do not have any contracts for you to sign as we feel that its better for you to design because you wish to not because you are contracted to.
We will only be doing a maximum of 4 collab kits per year. One for each season that way you are not under pressure to design for us and can consentrate on your own kits and making your own income.
There will be no set up fee, no monlthy fee and we will only take 15% of your sales just to put towards the up keep of the site. The rest of the cost will be absorbed by us
If this interests you please email me at with a lil bio of yourself and a sample or a link to where we can view your products just so we can see what your style is. We welcome designers that are new to designing/selling as well as ones that are already established but just wish to expand their sales
If you wish to join our our laid back team again just send us a lil bio so we can all get to know you a lil and samples of your work or a link where we can view one or two of your LO's
you too can email me at
I will update you as often as I can on the progress of the new store and I hope you will stop by to see us when we open.
Heres to new beginings
Sam aka Passions Designz

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